Best Yoga Studio in Harrisonburg


Fitness comes in many forms. Getting fit doesn’t just entail free weights. Yoga can help you get fit while relaxing your muscles after an invigorating work out. Moreover, performing  yoga regularly can also help burn fat. Valley Fitness proudly offers loyal gym members the best yoga classes in Harrisonburg, VA. Our professional yoga instructors will have you feeling more relaxed in mind and body than you did before


We provide members with a comfortable fitness studio and positive instruction so all you need to focus on is your stretches and relaxation. Valley Fitness staff will go over the basics such as different yoga poses, breathing exercises, meditation, and more! Reach your inner peace and collect your free 3 day gym pass by signing up to Valley Fitness now!

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We Are Open For Business

We are proud to announce that Valley Fitness has officially opened in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Over the past 6 months our team has been working diligently to make the rebranding pro